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Are you looking for a keynote for your next big queer and DEI event?

Hire rising Hollywood star, lea robinson!

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lea (pronounced lee) robinson is a trans, queer, non-binary, butch and multiracial activist, educator and actor. lea robinson (they/them) has been at the frontline of interrupting bias and discrimination through Diversity Education, Social Justice and Restorative Practices.

After spending 20+ years as a Higher Education administrator (at Columbia University, UC Berkeley and Mills College etc.) in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and LGBTQA work, lea landed a leading role in Lena Waithe’s Twenties and Amazon hit series A League of Their Own! In Twenties, lea played Reverend Ty Harmon, a non-binary religious Ygure and in A League of Their Own, lea plays

Bertie Hart, a Black transmasculine, non-binary identiYed person living in the 1940s. Both of these roles sparked national conversations about the histories of trans people in the US, the invisibility of certain identities within certain communities and the value of representation in the industry.

Check out some of the articles below highlighting lea’s experience with A League of Their Own

Former Keynotes

lea served as a keynote speaker for Boston University’s Learn More Series. Read about that incredible event here.


“lea’s visit had a profound impact on the BU community, not just with their keynote remarks but also with the way they held space for and with others –by being deeply present, authentic, vulnerable, and intentional. Their ability to humanize and draw parallels between their journeys queering higher ed and queering Hollywood made for powerful storytelling. lea is also a rare kind of truth-teller; whether in a large ballroom or a small reception space, they bring a warmth that centers QTBIPOC people and invites broad audiences to engage with uncomfortable truths.”

Francie Latour, Director, Diversity & Inclusion Programing Initiatives

Boston University


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If you are interested in lea’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Trainings and Consulting, check out lea’s business, be diversity for a free consultation!

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