Height:  5’11”                                                Hair/Eyes: Black/Brown                                             Weight:  210




Manager:  Robin McWilliams, MadCatch Entertainment (L.A.)

Agent:  MDT (SF)


As an actor, I want to see more visibility for queer, gender non-conforming artists.  

lee robinson (they/them, he/him), is a gender non-binary actor, with a passion for the craft and the ability to play a large range of characters.  lea moved to the bay area from NYC, where they worked in television, film  and theatre.  lee is a member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA and is also represented by L.A. management MadCatch Entertainment (Robin McWilliams) and San Francisco Agency, MDT (Rosemary Anderson).  lee is a diversity educator, huge gamer and lover of scary movies.   

2017 Demo Reel


2021 Demo Reel Clip – Drama – Detective

2021 Demo Reel Clip – Drama – Exec

2021 Demo Reel Clip – Drama – Drinks

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