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Lea Robinson, M.Ed is an diversity educator specializing in diversity & inclusion, restorative practices, civic engagement and team dynamics that empower communities, companies, teams and individuals to create environments that foster learning, innovation and personal growth.  Lea Robinson is the Assistant Dean at Mills College, was the interim Director of Center for Leadership Equity and Excellence at Mills College, former Lead Center Coordinator for Leadership Development at UC Berkeley and Assistant Director for the office of Multi-Cultural Affairs at Columbia University, NY. Robinson’s experience has also included Diversity Training with the Milwaukee Police Academy, Boston GLASS Community Center and Columbia University’s Medical School and Theological Seminary. For the past 15 years, Robinson has demonstrated strong leadership, vision and success in bringing dialogue and growth to communities with diverse needs.


Workshop includes:

  • Pre-workshop consultation.
  • Training module including educational materials and resources.
  • 2 post-workshop follow-ups.

Day Long Workshop Extras:

  • Putting theory into practice.
  • Specific targeted topics.
  • Individual coaching.

For more information and to set up your training, email lea at

2940 Summit Street, 2D  Oakland, CA


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